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by Bada Haridas

Bada Haridas' masterful arrangements and soulful singing, with the added sweetness of guest artists Karnamrita and Jahnavi, are both a pleasure and an inspiring meditation.

The wonderful variety of vocals, backed by an eclectic array of instruments from keyboard and guitar, to dulcimer, dolak, and drums, creates a beautiful setting for sacred Sanskrit mantras.

This collection includes favorites like 'Krishna Prema Mayi Radha' by Srila Jiva Goswami, 'Param Vijayate' from Lord Chaitanya's Sikshastakam, and the title track 'Om purnam' from ‘Sri Isopanishad.' Insert booklet has the lyrics along with Bada Haridas' personal comments on why he chose each song.

CD is over 60 minutes long. Eco-friendly case; 12 page insert booklet. Professionally mastered and produced in 2005.

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